Adarkar Associates





Adarkar Associates was established in 1975 by Arvind Adarkar.

Neera Adarkar joined in 1980 after completing her post graduation in Industrial Design.

Arun Kale joined in 1983 to complete the trio which heads Adarkar Associates.

Based in Mumbai the firm has designed projects in Mumbai, Pune, Alibaug, Bhubaneswar , Puri, Vadodara, Bangalore , New Delhi , Montenegro etc .

The works include residential projects, hotels, institutional, commercial buildings, mass housing and conservation.

The firm also has several awards to its credit and the works have been published in various architectural periodicals.

The team of Adarkar Associates looks at architectural space as a medium to create an environment that transcends beyond fulfilling the functional requirements. Economy of materials, environmental friendliness, interesting play of solids and voids, all add to an integrated approach towards all their projects.