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Listing and Grading of Heritage Buildings and Precincts in the entire Island City of Mumbai, for Heritage Society of MMRDA
(Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority).

Heritage listing – MMRDA

The Heritage Committee of Greater Mumbai and MMRDA appointed consultants to make a new (fresh) list of heritage structures in the Island City and suburbs. Adarkar Associates were appointed as consultants to List and Grade the heritage buildings and precinct in the Island City namely in the wards A, B, C, D, E, F south, F north, G south, G north.

The project team discovered 730 heritage sites including building, precincts, street fronts and public grounds to be added to the existing list. These were graded into 3 catagories namely I, II and III as per their natural and regional importance.

The criteria for selection was architectural, historical, cultural and social importance. Some of the important discovered to be listed were the remains of old forts at Worli, Dharavi and Sewri, Jewish Synegogue, Chinese temples, textile mills and the clocks and docks in addition to some vernacular precincts identified by similar architectural typologies or cultural character.


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